Tribal Unicorn Candle and Wax Melt Review

Tribal Unicorn

We were recently sent these candles and wax melts to review for this amazing new company. Tribal Unicorn is a lifestyle brand with a difference. This company is run by a young couple in East London – their candle making started as a hobby and as the saying goes “the rest is history”.

The candles and wax melts are made from soy wax which means there is no soot build-up. Not only do they smell great they are absolutely beautiful. If you’re anything like me and love all things that sparkle, Tribal Unicorn candles will not disappoint. They are both functional and cute.

Soy Shots

Soy Shots

The Soy Shots we were sent burn for 8-10 hours, the scents were not overpowering but still very pleasant. There are a number of scents on offer but we were lucky enough to try Paradise and Zen. The scents of these two candles are very relaxing and calming.

Wax Melts


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The wax melts not only smell appetizing they are a treat to look at. We got to try the mini cupcakes and glazed donuts. The glazed donuts look and smell just like sweet treats, while the mini cupcakes smell more like traditional candles.

Wax Melts

The melts, like the candles, are made of soy wax. Soy wax burns longer, more evenly and cleanly compared to other types of wax. The candles and melts are also non-toxic. The use of soy wax means they are also more fragrant due to the lower melting temperature of soy. This creates a larger melted wax pool that gives off the fragrance.


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In addition to the mini cupcakes and glazed doughnuts, Tribal Unicorn also has these scrumptious chocolate galaxy melts on offer. Unfortunately, these were out of stock at the time so we did not get to try these but if their other products are anything to go by they will smell just as amazing as they look.

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Our Thoughts

Mummy M and I are definitely pleased with these products and have been savouring them as we do not want to be without! The candles are very reasonably priced compared to other larger brands on offer but they smell just as good. Four mini cupcake melts will only set you back £5 and 10 wax doughnuts are only £2.50!

Head over to the Tribal Unicorn website and sign up to their newsletter or if you’ve fallen in love with their candles already you can pop over to their Etsy store and make an order straight away.

As always shine bright stars!

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