TENS Machines and Pain Relief – Review

As promised in my Chronic Pain post I am dropping the deets on my experience with using a TENS machine for pain relief and a mini review of my TENS machine in particular.

What is a TENS machine?

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Do TENS machines actually work?

There is some debate whether TENS machines work. I have found that my pain is reduced whilst the machine is on and for a short time afterwards. Before being diagnosed and encountering the chronically ill community I only knew of TENS machines as a pain reliever some women use during labour. However, Mummy M recently had a shoulder injury and I convinced her to try my TENS machine and it was her best friend for the whole of that weekend. In all honesty, I am experiencing some joint pain in my toes as I write this and I have the nodes on the soles of my feet and it is definitely helping!

Which TENS machine does Fizzstah use?

I finally took the plunge and bought a TENS machine after being in a pretty bad flare and not wanting to overdo it on the pain killers. My chronically ill friends I have made online swear by theirs and I decided it was definitely worth a try. I did some research and decided to buy the Cerebral Medical Rechargeable TENS Machine (affiliate link). The reason I chose this device, in particular, is because it has 2 channels which meant I could attach four nodes and many other models only have a single channel. Also, this device is rechargeable which was a major selling point for me. This TENS machine is very small and resembles an MP3 player which I also quite like.

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Although this TENS machine may be small it definitely packs a punch. I can never go above level 3 or 4 and there a number of settings. These settings are designed to feel like cupping, acupuncture and different types of massage. The acupuncture setting seems to be a favourite in my household.

Overall, I would definitely recommend purchasing a TENS machine even if you don’t go with this model. Although be aware there are some restrictions on where you can place the nodes so definitely do your research and seek medical advice.

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As always shine bright Stars!

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