Will You Be on the Right Side of History?

I remember studying the Civil Rights Movement, Nazi Germany and Apartheid in GCSE History and thinking how on earth did it ever come to this. Now, in 2017, it doesn’t seem that far fetched at all.

It’s taken a while for me to organise my thoughts and put this together. We already know how I feel about Trump so I won’t go back down that road. The rise of right-wing white nationalists throughout the western world is alarming. Xenophobia is at an all-time high and hate groups are gaining confidence. Many are claiming that we should love their hate and ignore the ignorance. However, I can’t ignore that people want me dead for merely existing or that they want to deny the contribution my ancestors made – which gives me rights to this land. Let me be very clear, I am not advocating violence but to even suggest overlooking the issue and spreading love as means to solve this growing problem is ridiculous. 

Photograph by Samuel Corum / Anadolu Agency / Getty

Let’s take a look at Charlottesville. These “protestors” had a permit, marched shouting Nazi slogans and were wielding Tiki torches. They were met with zero resistance from the authorities. This passive acceptance is a major part of the problem. The nationalists feel as though the government and authorities are on their side. Such behaviour should be condemned and denounced immediately. 

When we look back at history we often wonder what would we have done if were around during that time. Well, look around and tell me what you are doing, because now is one of those times. I don’t expect everyone to go out and march or fight Neo-Nazis head on but being vocal against it is just as important. Passive acceptance comes in many forms. Letting racist comments slide, laughing at racist jokes and agreeing with bigotry. Many say that tweeting and speaking up isn’t enough, but I disagree. By letting racists and bigots know their views are unacceptable you are at least making a stand and the more people who do this the better chance we have at ending this movement.

At this point, we know better and we should be doing better. We all should have learned from history how this story goes. But we still find ourselves in this situation. I encourage everyone who is reading this to take a stand against this new wave of Nazism and nationalism whether big or small. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of history.

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