The Ordinary Make Up – Foundations & Primers

The products are available in 21 shades that start with very fair shades through to very deep and each colour has a varying undertone – covering, pink, neutral yellow and red.

As we have become accustomed, the shade options for fair skin is extensive. As you would expect the shade options for dark/deep skin tones is limited. This is pretty standard for most mainstream cosmetic companies.  The main offering of this foundation is undoubtedly the price at £5.90 for 30mls – is a real bargain.  (Especially when you compare that to other foundations that cost £26 for 32mls) The cost really represents value for money and is truly inexpensive!


The foundations are available in two formulas Serum and Coverage. The Serum formula is a lightweight sheer cover foundation. Coverage is a more pigmented full coverage foundation.  Both formulas offer SPF15 sunscreen protection and are suitable for all skin types. 

These products were highly recommended by YouTuber Wayne Goss and he even provides a colour match option.

I ordered the 3.1R in both formulas for myself and 3.2R Coverage for Fizzstah. We also purchased the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer and the High-Adherence Silicone Primer. Due to the popularity of The Ordinary products, the items were on back-order and it took ten days for them to arrive.


The Ordinary Colours Foundations arrive in lightweight plastic pump dispensing bottles.  The High-Spreadability Fluid Primer is shipped in a 30 ml pipette dispensing glass bottle, costing £5.90. The High-Adherence Silicone Primer is a 30ml plastic tube costing £3.90.   



Using The Primers

The Ordinary Primers both work well.  I have used both primers with both types of foundation formulas. Both primers provided a solid base for the foundations. Your personal preference for texture will be the deciding factor, one is liquid/gel formula and the other a silicone cream. We can safely say we prefer these over the Fenty Beauty Primers

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Using The Ordinary Serum and Coverage Foundations

The manufacturer recommends that you shake the bottle well before use. The first product that I used was the Serum formula. I placed two full pumps onto the back of my hand and quickly realised that the product is very watery. I would advise that you only use one pump initially.  The product feels nice on the skin and is truly lightweight. Providing a semi-matte finish.  If you are looking for more coverage then you can add more layers. I really like the finished look and feel of this product. 


The Ordinary Colours Foundations

The Ordinary Coverage Foundations – Make sure you give the bottle a good shake prior to use. This formula is not as watery at the serum foundation. The product is easy to apply.  The thicker nature of the product means that it is easy to achieve full coverage. I would describe the finish as true matte. This product is long wearing and comfortable.

In summary, I would highly recommend these products, they represent great value for money. The primers work well!  The overall finish of either foundation formula is very good.  As a big makeup fan, these products form part of my everyday makeup routine.

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