Online Resources for MCTD and Lupus

Since I started blogging and vlogging about my life with chronic illness a number of people have been in touch with me. In all honesty, I would say 80% of my knowledge has come from online research and the other 20% from experience. In this post, I will share my go-to sites where I have gained much of my knowledge about MCTD and Lupus.

1. Molly’s Fund

Molly’s fund explains things in simple terms. The blog is broken down into categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Molly’s Fund is one of my favourites because of their bespoke images. I have even included some of these in my content on occasion.

2. Mayo Clinic

This website explains thing in more scientific terms but is still relatively simple to understand. Mayo Clinic can be useful in simplifying information received from your doctor/specialist.

3. Arthritis UK

Arthritis UK has been an invaluable resource. Every time I start a new medication I am given a leaflet created by Arthritis UK. These leaflets outline the benefits and risks of the medication and are given to me by my rheumatologist. The medications tend to be used for not only arthritis but for MCTD and Lupus as well. At the beginning of my chronic life journey, I did a fundraiser for this charity. I really appreciate their work despite not having an Arthritis diagnosis.

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4. Lupus UK

Lupus UK is another charity which offers a lot of information on their site. The information is here is again, simple and useful. What I really like here is that there is a forum. You can sign using your Facebook account and have your questions answered.

I hope you find these resources useful as I have. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post much of my knowledge has come from these sites. Hopefully, you will be able to develop your understanding and be in the position to help others in the future.

Shine bright Stars!


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