5 Lies We Have All Told

So it’s time to get a bit candid, usually, I tend to avoid lying mainly for moral reasons and secondly it is far too easy to get caught out. Also, unnecessary lies infuriate me and I always avoid being a hypocrite, but sometimes it’s easier to tell a few lies rather than the real story; or the truth might just be far too embarrassing. Whatever the reason we’ve all told a few porkies so let’s go through some of the most common ones.

1.   I’m on my way

We have all said that we’re on our way and we haven’t even left yet at least once. Who really wants to admit they had a mini-meltdown when they couldn’t find their favourite jeans? Then decided they couldn’t possibly wear anything else so how could they even contemplate going? Only to later find them at the bottom of the ironing pile and continue getting ready as if nothing happened. Wait, so it’s only me? OK…

2.  I’m fine

This is probably the lie I tell most frequently. Half the time it’s not even intentional. When someone asks “How are you?” my immediate reaction is to respond with “I’m fine”. I could be having a bad pain day or a journey from hell and I’ll still respond with “I’m fine”. If I know the person well enough I may correct myself and burden them with my woes but on most occassions, I just roll with it.

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3.   I’m not feeling well

So sometimes you may not have the heart to say you don’t want to go somewhere. You may be the plus one to an event where you don’t know everyone, or you’ve changed your mind because your bed is just too comfortable to leave. So you blame your “poor health”.

4.   I’m broke

This may be used instead of lie number three in order to avoid going somewhere. Your bank account is in the positive, there’s money in your pocket but you just don’t want to go. This can also be used when your untrustworthy acquaintances ask to borrow money.

5.  I’m Sorry

Okay, here me out. How many times have you apologised just to end or even avoid a conflict? As in “Sorry, not sorry”. Sometimes it is easier to offer an insincere apology than to continue going back and forth. I’m definitely guilty of this!

What other non-harmful lies do people tell frequently?


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