Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two – A Chronically Ill Perspective

In the last Chronic Wednesday post, I wrote about Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga and over the past weekend, I watched Lady Gaga’s documentary on Netflix. Overall, I really enjoyed it but I won’t lie I did skip through some of the parts where she was making music in the studio. I’m not a major Gaga fan and quite frankly I found it a bit boring (don’t shoot me Little Monsters).

Lady Gaga Documentary

The Documentary

I tuned in because I was curious about her chronic pain condition. I have read other reviews before putting this post together and like me, they felt the documentary could have been better. Gaga came across as a normal human being, flaws and all which I enjoyed. This is a rarity in an age of Instagram, Facetune and cultivated moments on Snapchat. Another criticism was it was unclear who the program was developed for. I can agree with this as I am not a real fan.  At times it was difficult to follow who was who despite captions giving names and relationships. As someone who suffers from a chronic pain condition, it was easy for me to empathise with Gaga. However, I can understand how others may have felt alienated. If you are a Lady Gaga fan with a chronic condition I expect you will really enjoy this documentary.

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As I had hoped the documentary did shine a light on chronic illness sufferers like myself. Despite pain and illness we struggle through and do our jobs. Gaga continued to work in a professional manner, even through her pain she was on the go non-stop. In the documentary, we learn about her Aunt Joanne who had Lupus. This was interesting to me as autoimmune conditions can be genetic.

I would recommend this show to all of my chronically ill fam as it does give a good insight into how Gaga deals with her chronic pain. It may not offer practical solutions as she does recognise her immense privileged position to have help at hand around the clock. It definitely offers some more insight into her character and it even gives us an explanation for her very Avant-garde persona.

Let me know what you thought of the documentary and until next time Stars!

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