L.A. Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick Review

L.A. Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick

In this post, I will share my experience with L.A. Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick.  On a recent visit to our local beauty supply store, we discovered these items. As you know I have a real passion for lipsticks.  These Metal Liquid Lipsticks are available in 18-shades. Given the choice available, it took me a few minutes to decide on the colours I wanted. I finally opted for GML865 – Purple, GML859 – Copper and GL867- Deep Wine. Note that lipsticks are only given a code, I have just provided the colour for descriptive purposes. At a price of £5.99, I purchased a few. Some luxury brand lipsticks cost more than £20 for a single product. Because they are so affordable I even purchased a couple for Fizzstah who chose colours GML860 – Brown and GM864 – Wine.

The manufacturer describes these lipsticks as “Metal Liquid Lipstick is the next generation in lip colour.  Available in a flattering collection of nude and jewel tone shades, this creamy, non-drying formula applies on smooth with a rich metallic finish. The comfortable, luxurious formula leaves lips feeling as beautiful as they look with added vitamin E and argan oil.” THIS IS ACCURATE!!!

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My Thoughts

The lipstick is easy to apply, giving full and solid coverage which just one application.  These products can be worn with or without lip liner.  The lipsticks provide a bold, soft feel, non-drying, non-flaking lip colour which is very durable.  In addition to this, there is very little transfer when eating and drinking and overall it holds up really well. I wore it to work and I did not have to re-apply.  If you are concerned about transfer then I would advise applying a coat of the lipstick, then blot with tissue and powder or use a setting spray before applying a further layer of lipstick.

If you want to add that WOW factor to your lipstick collection then these are a great addition at an affordable price. I know that I will be adding to my collection when I next visit the store.

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