A Guide to Recovery After Surgery

I have been under the knife twice. Two of my surgeries were completed under general and anaesthetic and the other with local. In this post, I will share my advice to recovering after surgery.

1. Follow your doctor’s advice

I know this seems obvious, but so many times people don’t and live to regret it. After all three of my surgeries, Mummy M has been my primary caretaker. She has always ensured I followed the doctor’s instructions, even when I was not entirely cooperative. 

2. Get plenty of rest

Again, you would think this would go without saying but people tend to be in rush to resume their daily activities. Rest, rest and rest some more. Sleeping and general resting help the body to heal and that is exactly what needs to happen after surgery. It is easy to become impatient with how long the recovery process after surgery takes but you need to ensure you heal properly or else you may face a setback. When doctors advise the average recovery time, remember this is just that, an average. It may take you more or less time to recover.

3. Drink plenty of water/stay hydrated

Since the body is made up of mostly water it would make sense that replenishing fluids aid the healing process after surgery.

4. Eat healthily

A good diet pre and post surgery will aid in the recovery. This ensures your body has everything it needs to heal.

5. Pace yourself

Once you feel you have recovered be sure to take not to rush back into your daily routine. Start slow and build-up.

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As always shine bright Stars.



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