Dealing with Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

I nearly forgot to do a Chronic Wednesday post and we’re only 3 weeks in! Today I will be writing about how I deal with my chronic pain. If you’re new here I’ll quickly update you. I have a couple of autoimmune conditions which attack my joints and muscles which leave me in varying levels of pain daily (you can read more here).

Since I started treatment my pain level averages between a two and four on this imaginary pain scale we all seem to use. However, there are days when it is better or worse than this. I’ll go through my main coping strategies.


This is clearly the most obvious way to deal with pain but it is definitely not my first option. I try to avoid taking painkillers. This may be because I watched to my Dr House and I don’t want to be hooked on Vicodin (I don’t even take Vicodin btw). Besides this, I feel as though since pain is part of my everyday routine I need to find a better coping strategy. In addition to this, I have been prescribed Co-codamol as pain medication and a side effect is constipation, and let me tell you being in pain and being constipated on top of it is not cool!

Most of the time the painkillers only take the edge off and they don’t remove the pain completely – so this is another reason why I’m not inclined to take them more frequently.  I only take painkillers as a last resort if I can’t use one of my other coping methods.

TENS Machine

I bought the above TENS machine not too long ago after seeing many of the chronic pain sufferers I had connected with on Twitter using and talking about theirs. I decided to buy a rechargeable TENS machine (affiliate link) and some additional pads because I preferred the larger ones. I found the TENS machine to be very effective. It has saved me from asking Mummy M and Mr Fizzstah for endless massages. I hope to write a review on this very soon.

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A lot of the time I’m in pain because I need to rest or I have pushed myself too far. If you are a chronic pain sufferer you will know of the dreaded “painsomnia” (pain induced insomnia) which makes sleeping extra difficult. When this occurs I will fall back on one of the above means to deal with my pain. Sometimes I will wake up in lesser pain if not it has at least sleeping has given me a break.


When my muscles are aching I finding stretching usually helps. This being said, when I’m generally not in the mood to stretch. I usually need some gentle encouragement to go down this root but I always grateful after I have completed them.


As mentioned above I request massages from both my Mum and my boyfriend. This usually helps with my aching muscles. I keep saying I need to schedule in monthly professional massages but I never seem to get round to it. When I am travelling always make sure to book in for at least one massage but when I am at home I don’t do so well.

I hope this gave you some insight into how I deal with my chronic pain. If you are chronic pain sufferer let me know in the comments below if use any of the above methods. 

Until next time Stars.


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