Chronic Life and Disability

A Personal Tale

Today I’m going to share with you what happened this past weekend when I attempted to wash my hair. Before I got sick washing my hair was never my favourite task but now it’s even more odious.

Washing my hair takes a ridiculous amount of energy and it’s a task I cannot complete myself. For one, I’m just physically unable and the energy that it takes to wash and blow dry my hair will almost certainly put me into a flare.

So on Sunday after completing an overtime shift. I decided I couldn’t prolong it any longer. Mummy M had agreed to blow-dry my hair after I had washed it.

Right, so I had decided to wash my hair over the edge of the bath.  It was all going well until I could feel my legs and arms getting weak. I had only managed to rinse the shampoo out so conditioning was not going to happen.  As my legs were quivering I wrapped my hair in the standard makeshift towel turban.  Mummy M was kind enough to both condition and blow-dry my hair. But when I woke up on Monday it felt like I did a complete lower body workout. The exact pain I get from squats and deadlift is what I was experiencing (I can confirm still feeling like this days later).


Not all disabilities are visible – Many live with invisible illnesses and you would never know

So this what real life with a chronic illness is like.  The simplest tasks are almost impossible. I have had a similar experience changing the bed linen. Disability is defined as having ” a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.” Changing the bed linen,  emptying the bins and washing your hair are pretty normal daily activities, so yes I am disabled.

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Until next time stars.

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