Living A Normal Life with Chronic Illness

I started a series on this for my Youtube Channel and I know I mentioned in another Chronic Wednesday post that “life may be different but it’s not over”. For me, I have adapted my routine to still include all the things I love to do, allowing me to live a normal life despite having a chronic […]

What Life with a Chronic Illness has Taught Me

Life with a Chronic Illness So it’s Chronic Wednesday and I have been thinking about writing this post for a while. It was inspired by hashtag I saw on Twitter and it  got me thinking about my life with a chronic illness and the lessons I have learned. Most People Just Won’t Get It The sad […]

Father's Day

Why Father’s Day is About More Than Just Dads

When Mother’s and Father’s Day come around it’s easy to forget about all the other significant role models who deserve to be celebrated. It’s often said, “it takes a village” when referring to child-rearing so it’s important not to forget all those others in the tribe who made you the person who you are today. […]

Introducing Chronic Wednesdays

What are “Chronic Wednesdays”? So if you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen me mention starting a new segment on the blog called “Chronic Wednesdays.” I intend to post specifically about my life with Chronic Illness on Wednesdays. In these posts, I plan to either expand on video I have posted on my Just Fizzstah […]

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