Chronic Wednesdays

Living A Normal Life with Chronic Illness

I started a series on this for my Youtube Channel and I know I mentioned in another Chronic Wednesday post that “life may be different but it’s not over”. For me, I have adapted my routine to still include all the things I love to do, allowing me to live a normal life despite having a chronic […]

What Life with a Chronic Illness has Taught Me

Life with a Chronic Illness So it’s Chronic Wednesday and I have been thinking about writing this post for a while. It was inspired by hashtag I saw on Twitter and it  got me thinking about my life with a chronic illness and the lessons I have learned. Most People Just Won’t Get It The sad […]

Introducing Chronic Wednesdays

What are “Chronic Wednesdays”? So if you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen me mention starting a new segment on the blog called “Chronic Wednesdays.” I intend to post specifically about my life with Chronic Illness on Wednesdays. In these posts, I plan to either expand on video I have posted on my Just Fizzstah […]