“Eat, Drink and be Merry”
“Travel yourself interesting”
“Live Well, Love Much and Laugh Often”

These are just a few quotes we live by here at Fizzstah Blogs.

You’ll find our reviews on everything ranging from hotels, makeup and movies – we discuss everything from current affairs to celebrity scandals. We share our travels, purchases, advice and experiences.  If you’re interested in any of the above this is the place to be. If this sounds good to you stay tuned, we’ll love to hear from you on our lifestyle blog.



Excerpt from June 2006 Year 10 Report

Fizzstah TV on Youtube was developed to provide me with a platform to speak my mind and make a contribution.  I have always had a lot to say and opinions to share. 

Previously this was done in GCSE Science much to the disappointment of my teacher.  I am sure Mummy M will confirm that my school reports would repeat the following statement ‘Jay is a bright and intelligent girl but she has a tendency to talk at inappropriate times’

After being diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue disease and Polymyositis I decided to share my journey online. This is how Just Fizzstah was born, sharing my journey has helped not only myself but others. Sharing my story and advocating for chronic illness is now a very important part of my identity.

Mummy M

2014 Mother's Day Gift From Fizzstah

2014 Mother’s Day Gift From Fizzstah

2014 Mother’s Day Gift From Fizzstah

“Live Well, Love Much & Laugh Often” is the mantra of Mummy M. I am so passionate about this phrase that I have it tattooed on my back – a mother’s day gift courtesy of Fizzstah.

LIVE WELL – I have lots of things that fit into this category and I will share these with you over time but it would be fair to say that travelling fits into this category nicely – I get very excited about trips and getting immersed in a new city, the food and the culture. Fizzstah and I have travelled together for years – but the dynamics of these trips have changed Fizzstah is now an independent woman, with a full life but yet she still makes time hang out and vacation with MUM!

LOVE MUCH – I am a lover of life and you will get to hear all about the right here!  There are things that I love a little too much so when this is combined with LIVE WELL it can become expensive!

LAUGH OFTEN – Well let’s just say I am troublesome and mischievous!  I was once told that laughter is good for the ‘soul’ it would be fair to say that my ‘soul’ is well fed.

I hope you enjoy the stories and snippets that are shared here.  Check back soon and spread the word! Feel free to contribute your opinion.