“Eat, Drink and be Merry”
“Travel yourself interesting”
“Live Well, Love Much and Laugh Often”

These are just a few quotes we live by here at Fizzstah Blogs.

You’ll find our reviews on everything ranging from hotels, makeup and movies – we discuss everything from current affairs to celebrity scandals. We share our travels, purchases, advice and experiences. If you’re interested in any of the above this is the place to be. If this sounds good to you stay tuned, we’ll love to hear from you on our lifestyle blog.


I’m Jay aka Fizzstah. I run Fizzstah Blogs and two Youtube channels (Fizzstah TV and Just Fizzstah). On Fizzstah Blogs I write about all the things I’m passionate about so it has become a lifestyle and travel blog. I also produce a lot of content concerning chronic illness since I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease in 2015. My Youtube channel Just Fizzstah is dedicated to this.

I am a co-founder of Joint 200 and The Fempire Collective. Joint 200 is a branch of the Arthritis Self-help Network. Whilst The Fempire Collective is a social enterprise that focuses on supporting, developing and encouraging women in business and creative industries.

I help women in business and sufferers of invisible illnesses find the support that did not previously exist. I do this by providing information and opportunities so they can achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves – without feeling intimidated or ashamed in seeking help.

I recently launched a store where there are currently wall art printables that I have designed available for free download.

Mummy M

Hello from Mummy M – aka as Fizzstah’s mum. Her featured contributing partner here at Fizzstah Blog. When Fizzstah announced that she was going to start this lifestyle blog, she invited me  along for the ride. Contributing is a real labour of love, and it provides great “mother and daughter bonding time”!  I will do my best to support Fizzstah in her endeavours.

Fizzstah told me that love for shopping and trying new things –  or as she likes to say “Mum you are a marketer’s dream – they say try this … it’s great for….” Like a shot Mummy M is in the queue to get her hands on the item (see: Fenty Beauty).  This I am told makes me ideally placed to contribute and share my views and recommendations about things that I am passionate about.  My list of passions covers – travelling, cycling, makeup, handbags, shoes and boots to name but a few.  Here I get to share my experiences with you – hopefully my views, ideas and recommendations are useful.

I hope that you enjoy the material that is shared here.  Spread the word and get in touch to share some of your experiences with us.

Brand Partnerships

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