2018 Embracing Mistakes & Failures

When the New Year comes round everyone speaks of their successes and accomplishments. Along with big plans for the coming year. (I know it’s two weeks in but give your girl a break, alright?!) Today I want to discuss MISTAKES & FAILURES. In an age of social media and instant gratification, it’s easy to feel left behind. On our timelines we see or age mates buying homes, flashy cars, getting married and engaged and meanwhile I’m scrolling on my iPad in my childhood bedroom that still has a poster of Chad Michael Murray on the wall. (No lie, One Tree Hill was my ish and A Cinderella Strory…)


I saw this great video on Twitter taken from Will Smith’s Instagram stories. I had been thinking about writing this post. But this prompted to get my butt in gear and write this post.

Don’t be embarrassed by your mistakes

Let 2018 be the year where you unapologetically fail and make mistakes. Now I’m not giving a free pass for reckless behaviour without consequence. However, we often hold back on taking risks due to the fear of failure, I know for sure I do. Take risks, if you fail you’ll know what not to do next time.


If you read this month’s newsletter, you can sign up below, you will know I am embarking on some big and exciting things this year. I will undoubtedly encounter some obstacles. I will try to be less prideful and share these but we will see how that goes.

If you are starting a new business you won’t want to miss the next Fempire Collective event. Networking is one of my unofficial resolutions this year and I know it’s something that can be quite difficult. We will be holding a speed networking workshop and panel discussion. You can read more about the event and buy tickets here.

Let’s make 2018 a year to remember! Shine Bright Stars!

on 2018 Embracing Mistakes & Failures

  1. julie Obiamiwe
    16th January 2018 at 5:29 pm (3 weeks ago)

    I totally agree with you about embracing failure and mistakes. As Will Smith puts it, you we grow our muscles when we work out by training them to failure.

    • Fizzstah
      16th January 2018 at 11:44 pm (3 weeks ago)

      In that case this year should be a massive workout for us all! Thanks for stopping by 😊

  2. Tamar
    16th January 2018 at 11:28 pm (3 weeks ago)

    Hello Fizzstah, I really like your blog and your style of writing. I found your blog on the Facebook page Black British Bloggers. Thank you for sharing Will smith’s video..that helps so much for that advice and I too have posters on my bedroom wall while everyone is getting married around me lmaoo anyways I blog too feel free to check it out Blessings x

    • Fizzstah
      16th January 2018 at 11:43 pm (3 weeks ago)

      Thank you! I’ll definitely head over to your blog.

  3. Kemi
    17th January 2018 at 1:10 am (3 weeks ago)

    I like this- there definitely is a lot of merit in just taking risks and seeing where it could take you. And even if there are some failures – everything is an invaluable learning experience!


    • Fizzstah
      17th January 2018 at 1:17 am (3 weeks ago)

      I couldn’t agree more


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